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About me

My name is Krzysztof Kaczmarek and I practice as attorney-at-law. The essence of my work is to prevent my clients from legal problems and when such problems occurs my role is to solve them. I realise those aims by providing legal advices, preparing contracts and other legal documents, as well as representing clients before courts, administrative bodies and tax office.

I provide legal support for indyviduals and for entrepreneurs. Main areas of my professional activity are civil law and those aspects from among other areas of law which have practical meaning for entrepreneurs (more about services You can find below). Since 2013 I cooperate with BilewiczLegal law office where I focus on performance of current legal support and legal representation in lawsuits for renowned enterprises (including companies with foreign capital) which represents such fields as IT, e-commerce, heavy industry, shipping, transport.


I cordially invite to contact me.


I provide legal support for indyviduals and for entrepreneurs in the scope of many areas of the law. If Your needs require service of team of lawyers I provide also possibility of regular legal support or performance of specific complex legal projects (eg. mergers and acquistion) within cooperation with BilewiczLegal law office. Detailed information about my services You can find below.

Law of Obligations

Law of inheritance

Law of real estates

Labour law and social insurances

Commercial law

Administrative law

Tax law

Other areas of legal practice

  • preparation of contracts, legal opinions, general conditions of contracts
  • legal representation of entrepreneurs in disputes with business partnes, contractors etc.,
  • legal representation of indyvidual clients in disputes with suppliers of goods and services,
  • legal representation in disputes with insurance companies,
  • vindication.
  • legal representation before the Court in all kinds of inheritance affairs,
  • legal help with preparation of testament (law will),
  • legal support with succesion of enterprises.
  • legal support with all kinds of affairs connected with ownership of real estates, inlcuding division of real estate, easement, dispossesion,
  • legal suport with all kinds of affairs connected with lease/tenancy.
  • legal representation before the Court in all kinds of labour law affairs, including appeal from termination of employment contract, payment for overhours, damage for nonequal treatment, mobbing, violation of non-competion clause, violation of company secret,
  • legal representation before social insurance institution (polish ZUS),
  • preparation of all kinds of employment agreements, including management contract,
  • preparation of work regulations, remuneration regulations, other internal company regulations,
  • current support for personnel department of enterprise.

Comprehensive service in the scope of corporate issues of all kinds of commercial companies, in particular limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited partnership companies, including:

  • formation of all kinds of companies, branches of foreign companies,
  • corporate services (preparation of resolutions of shareholders meeting, resolutions of management board,  internal regulations of companies and other),
  • due diligence,
  • compliance sevices in the scope of corporate governance principles,
  • transformations, mergers, acquistions, liquidations of commercial companies,
  • legal representation before registration Court (polish KRS),
  • legal representation befoe Court in affairs connected with financial responsibility of members of management boards.
  • legal representation before public administration bodies (town office, voivodship office, ministerial office etc),
  • legal representation before Administrative Courts,
  • legal consultations in the scope of regulations of administrative law.
  • legal representation before tax office,
  • legal representaion before Administrative Courts,
  • legal consultations in the scope of tax law (PIT, CIT, VAT).
  • criminal law,
  • copyright law,
  • industrial property law,
  • personal data protection,
  • the law on bills of exchange.


Remuneration for services depends mainly on kind of legal service, time necessary to perform specific service, level of complexity of the case and its diligence. General information about forms of remuneration for my serivces You can find below:

Remuneration based on time of work Expand

This kind of remuneration applies mainly to:

  • single services such as legal consultations, preparation of diferrent kinds of writings, summons and contracts. The amount of remuneration is set indivdually depending on projected time of work and complexity of the case, whereby base amount of remuneration is 200 PLN/h net,
  • regular law suport of entrepreneurs – amount of remuneration is set individually; it depends mainly on number of hours of serivces in each month and place of its performance.

Lump-sum fee Expand

This kind of remuneration applies mainly to this kind of affairs when I act as plenipoteniary of client (authorized legal representative) before Courts, public administration bodies, tax offices etc.

Remuneration with succes fee Expand

This kind of remuneration is connection of remuneration in precise amount  and additional amount in case of achieving certain result of the case (eg. win of lawsuit, obtaining positive result of administrative/tax case). This kind of remuneration applies in complexity cases with large weight.


In order to make an appointment please contact me by phone or e-mail:

phone: 606 108 948

Office data

Krzysztof Kaczmarek
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
ul. Złotowska 2b/4
71-793 Szczecin


NIP: 851-289-68-48
Rachunek bankowy: ING Bank Śląska SA 73 1050 1559 1000 0092 5949 2644


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